Business Efficiency and Employee Management

  • A single solution that streamlines employee, asset, and payment management for business efficiency
  • Save costs with a more efficient business process
  • Tailor the application according to your business needs .svg
Task Management

Efficient medium to manage field team’s tasks without the need for emails/calls
Asset Management

Keep track of QR tagged assets for maintenance activities
Orders and Sales

Record new orders and sales and verify payment collection
KPI Reports

Improve performance KPIs by identifying gaps through BEEM reports
Location Tracking

Easily monitor attendance and location/movement of field employees
Offline Mode

Store data offline so that it can be synced later to the dashboard

Asset Management

  • Remotely monitor QR tagged assets for maintenance checks
  • Schedule check-ups to ensure asset maintenance
  • Address accountability in cases of fraud

Employee Management

  • Designate tasks to employees with the push of a button
  • Record field team visits and orders and make additional notes of the status of tasks in real time
  • Oversee employee movement during job hours
  • Verify Mileage claims

Orders and Sales Module

  • Punch in new orders and sales
  • Generate invoices on the spot through printer (separate device or printed supported PDA needed)
  • Verify payment collection through finger print scanning (requires hardware)

Powerful Analytics and Insights

View data analysis reports to highlight any existing gaps so you can take effective actions to ensure efficient business processes

The Wait Is Almost Over

Change the way you manage field employees

Management can access BEEM on any web browser
on a standard computer, anywhere in the world

Field staff can use the BEEM Android app
which runs on any Android cell phone